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Cummins Lift Pumps

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Cummins Lift Pump

Diesel Specialists, LLC offers a large selection of Cummins lift pumps ready for immediate shipment.

If you know the correct Cummins part number, please enter it in the search box, or use any of our quick links below to find the lift pump for your Cummins engine.

Lift Pump Part Number

Cummins B Series Lift Pumps 4BT/6BT
Lift Pumps
Cummins C Series Lift Pumps 6CTA/ISC/QSC
Lift Pumps
Cummins NH and NT Lift Pumps NH/NT 855
Lift Pumps
Cummins ISB and QSB Lift Pumps ISB/QSB
Lift Pumps
Cummins VTA 1710 Lift Pumps VTA 1710
Lift Pumps
Cummins N14  Lift Pumps N14
Lift Pumps

Cummins Lift Pumps Assistance

If you do not see the Cummins lift pump you need, just use our user-friendly quote request form or call us at 855.470.3525. Our knowledgeable staff will promptly answer your request.